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Tetra Pro Menu Tropical Fish Food


Tetra Pro Menu contains four specially formulated Multi Crisps in a separate chamber to provide your tropical fish with a varied diet. The Green Algae Crisps are included for increased resistance, the Orange Growth Crisps to promote healthy growth...

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Tetra ReptoDelica Daphnia & Vitamins Snack


A convenient, healthy, safe and delicious snack food for your water turtle, Tetra ReptoDelica comes in 12g individual packets which contain Daphnia and essential vitamins Each pot contains a patented Active* formula to help maintain a healthy imm...

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Tetra ReptoMin Food for Water Turtles

From £4.30 To £12.95

Tetra ReptoMin sticks offer a biologically balanced, nutritionally complete premium food for health, growth and vitality for all water turtles.  The ingredients include Tetra's patented Active Formula which helps to maintain a robust immune system...

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Tetra Tablets TabiMin

From £5.85 To £25.55

TabiMin Tablets by Tetra offer complete nutrition for health, colour and vitality for all bottom-feeding fish. These tablets sink quickly and can be placed where needed for timid fish. They release food slowly and contain Shrimp for enhanced palat...

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Tetra TetraMin Baby 30g


TetraMin Baby by Tetra is a Micro Flaked food which offers a biologically balanced and complete diet for tropical fish under 1cm. This Fry food is a very finely sieved mix of highly nutritious ingredients specially formulated to promote healthy gr...

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Tetra Wafer Mix

From £1.90 To £5.69

The Tetra Wafer Mix offers a complete diet for colour, vitality and health for all bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans. As these wafers are solid they do not cause the aquarium water to cloud.  

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Tetra Weekend Sticks (10 Sticks)


Tetramin Weekend sticks by Tetra provides healthy nutrition for all tropical fish for up to 6 days. Quantity Required Tank Size No Fish Days Away Quantity 40L - 70L            8-18            2-3 4-6 1 Sick 2 Sticks 71L - 110L 19-29 2-...

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