Parkers Aquatic first opened it’s doors in 1981 selling a small selection of pond equipment and cold water fish. More than three decades later, this family run business is still evolving and going strong. They now sell equipment from over 80 different suppliers and boast a considerable selection of tropical, cold water and pond livestock.

The business is owned and run by Alexander Parker, a Koi enthusiast. Over the last 34 years Alex has amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding cold water and tropical fish husbandry and diseases. He has also enjoyed many trips to Japan and Israel to hand-pick Koi and tour the breeders facilities.

Parkers Aquatic’s shop has been managed for more than 10 years by Patrick Davies, a lifelong tropical fish devotee with an Environmental Science degree and a particular interest in African Cichlids. Pat spends his holidays doing conservation work with endangered live bearers in Mexico and investigating fish habitats in exotic locations like Cuba and Jamaica! Pat is also a captive breeder of endangered species and monitors wild populations as part of the Goodeid Working Group. Parkers’ resident Trop Guru also edited the ‘British Live Bearers Association’ magazine for 8 years.

Alex Parker’s vision for the future is to expand online sales whilst reaching out further to the wider fish keeping community. As an organisation, Parkers Aquatic will continue to strive to encourage new generations of Aquarists by introducing them to exciting species of fish and inspirational aquascapes.

Whilst this website has been thoughtfully designed, customer feedback is always welcome. If you can think of any suggestions for improvement or expansion, please send your comments to the Team via the ‘Contact Us’ page.