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Fish Science Tropical Fish Micro Granules


These Tropical Fish Micro Granules by Fish Science recreate the natural, insect based diet that small species consume in the wild. The slow sinking nature of the micro granules make it a suitable food for tetras, guppies and other small tropical f...

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Hikari Food Sticks


Hikari Food Sticks are a protein rich, floating food ideal for top-feeding carnivores. They are nutritionally balanced to maximise growth, enhance colours and aid easy digestion.

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NT Labs Pro-f Discus Granules

From £4.99 To £10.49

This slow sinking, granular food for Discus by NT Labs is formulated using squid and krill meal to make it extremely palatable. It is high in digestible proteins to maximise healthy growth and contains astaxanthin and spirulina to boost colour. St...

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Tetra Betta


Keep your Betta's healthy, vibrant and growing well with this biologically balanced flaked food from Tetra with Shrimp and Krill.

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Tetra Cory Shrimp Wafers


Tetra Cory Shrimp Wafers have been developed specifically to provide optimum nutrition for Corydoras.  The Shrimps in this formula are rich in essential fatty acids which help to promote healthy growth. This food has a Crude Protein content of 48%...

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Tetra Discus


Complete food for your Discus and other mid-water and bottom-feeding fish. Tetra Discus granules promote health, colour and growth.

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Tetra Prima

From £5.20 To £15.95

Tetra Prima is a nutritionally balanced and complete food  to promote health, colour and growth for Discus and other mid-water and bottom-feeding fish.

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