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Aqua One Double Ended Pipe Brush


This flexible double ended pipe brush by Aqua One is ideal for cleaning hoses, spray bars, inlet/outlet tubes and impeller wells. Length: 1m.

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Aqua One Pipe Brush Set


This set of 3 pipe cleaning brushes by Aqua One is a must have to keep your aquarium filter performing at it's peak. You can use the brushes to clean your hoses, spray bar, inlet/outlet tube, impeller well and every nook and cranny that would othe...

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Juwel Pump Cleaning Brush x 2


Reach the difficult corners and crevices in your pump with these Cleaning Brushes by Juwel.

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Oase biOrb Cleaner Pads x 3


These biOrb Cleaner Pads by Oase are double sided and won't scratch your biOrb aquarium. One side is smooth and is ideal for removing algae deposits, the other side is rougher and can be used to remove tougher marks.  

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Oase Spiral Brush


This spiral cleaning brush by Oase is 150cm long and can be used with pipes of diameter 10-25mm.

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