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NT Labs Pro-f Shrimp Enhancer Granules


These slow sinking Shrimp Enhancer Granules by NT Labs work in conjunction with Shrimp's staple nourishment of aquarium algae to provide essential nutrition. Shrimps have very different dietary needs than most other aquarium inhabitants due to the...

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Tetra Crusta Menu


Tetra Crusta Menu provides a nutritionally balanced diet for all Shrimp and Crayfish. The sticks, wafers, crisps and granules that this feed contain offered a varied and species-typical diet. Optimum protein and mineral levels help to support heal...

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Tetra Wafer Mix

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The Tetra Wafer Mix offers a complete diet for colour, vitality and health for all bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans. As these wafers are solid they do not cause the aquarium water to cloud.  

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