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Fish Science Fancy Goldfish Sinking Pellets

From £4.35 To £7.85

This high quality sinking food by Fish Science is specifically formulated for fancy goldfish such as Fantails, Lionheads, Orandas and Ryukins. The ingredients recreate the insect based diet that goldfish naturally consume. Insect meal is included ...

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Fish Science Goldfish Bites


This bite sized nutritionally complete food is suitable for all cold water aquarium fish. The Spirulina, Chlorella algae, paprika and carrot naturally enhance the colour of your fish. Other natural ingredients  e.g. Beta Glucans, garlic and omega ...

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NT Labs Pro-f Fancy Goldfish Pellets

From £4.99 To £10.49

These colour boosting Fancy Goldfish Pellets by NT Labs are slow sinking, providing fish with the opportunity to feed at any area of the water column. This helps to prevent injury from frenzied surface feeding and also minimises associated air int...

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Tetra Goldfish Flakes

From £2.69 To £12.00

Goldfish Flakes by Tetra is a complete, nutritionally balanced food for health, colour and vitality in all goldfish.

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Tetra Goldfish Fun Balls


Nutritionally complete food for Goldfish by Tetra. These Fun Balls float at the top of your aquarium. Watch your fish nibble them and chase them around the tank.

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Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour


Goldfish Gold Colour Granules by Tetra are nutritionally balanced and they contain Carotemoids, Spirulina algae and other colour enhancers to promote colouration whilst supporting a long and healthy life.

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Tetra Goldfish Gold Exotic


Goldfish Gold Exotic by Tetra is a biologically balanced, premium food for all goldfish. This food is rich with quality ingredients and highly digestible. The granules soften quickly once they come into contact with water making them easy to eat.

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Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan

From £3.85 To £7.65

Goldfish Gold Japan Mini Sticks by Tetra are a nutritionally balanced premium food for fancy goldfish like: Orandas, Lionheads, Black Moors, Ryukins and Fantails. The recipe is full of highly digestible ingredients that support condition, growth, ...

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Tetra Goldfish Granules

From £3.35 To £5.39

Goldfish Floating Granules by Tetra is a complete, nutritionally balanced food for health, colour and vitality in goldfish and cold water fish.

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Tetra Goldfish Holiday


Tetra Goldfish Holiday provides healthy nutrition for all goldfish for up to 14 days. Does not cloud water. Net weight - 2 x 12g Quantity Required Days away <30l 1-2 Fish 31-60l 2-4 Fish 61-120l 4-8 Fish <6 Half a block 1 2 <...

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