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Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed Pond Treatment

From £19.99 To £59.99

Stop Blanketweed by Evolution Aqua has been formulated to eradicate Blanketweed in ponds. It is safe to use with fish but is not recommended for use in wildlife ponds or ornamental ponds when frogs/toads are spawning. Blanketweed (otherwise known ...

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NT Labs Aquaclear Algae & Blanketweed Control

From £9.99 To £15.99

Aquaclear Algae & Blanketweed Control by NT Labs is a long lasting coloured dye that is harmless to pond plants and fish (including Orfe) but restricts the growth of blanketweed and algae. Dosage: Use 10ml of Aquaclear per 568 litres (125 impe...

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NT Labs Cristalclear Duckweed Control

From £9.49 To £15.99

Pond CristalClear Duckweed Control by NT Labs removes phosphate, the nutrient responsible for nuisance plant growth, from pond water. It also causes all suspended particles in the water to clump together and fall to the bottom of the pond. Used re...

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TAP Anti Algae Pads

From £12.99 To £19.99

Tap's Anti Algae Pads are designed to be placed directly into the pond filter and can be cut to size. If they are to be used in a pond without a filter they will need to be weighed down with e.g. a rock. The pads attack the algae in 4 different wa...

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TAP Pond Professional Algasan

From £12.99 To £49.99

Algasan by Pond Professional at TAP is designed to control many types of algae including green water and blanketweed. It is a triple action algicide providing physical, environmental and biological attack. When the dosage recommendations are follo...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Advanced Anti Algae 500ml


Green Algae spoils the appearance of ponds, destroys the ponds biological balance and kills fish. The Pond Doctor Advanced Anti Algae is a fish and plant safe treatment to combat this problem. Dosage: Add 10ml of The Pond Doctor Advanced Anti Alga...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Anti Blanketweed

From £9.99 To £39.99

During the spring, summer and early autumn algae flourish in garden ponds, turning the water green and reducing the oxygen that plants and livestock rely on. This product from the Pond Doctor at TAP uses hydro gel technology to flocculate all floa...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Anti Duckweed

From £11.99 To £36.99

Duckweed is a problematic species which, when left untreated, covers the surface of a pond. Pond Doctor's Anti Duckweed is effective because it tackles both the roots and leaves of the plant. Dosage: 10ml of Pond Doctor Anti Duckweed per 225 litre...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Anti Green Water

From £9.99 To £39.99

Pond Doctor Anti Green Water will safely remove unwanted algae without affecting the biological balance in your pond.  Dosage: Add 10ml of Pond Doctor Anti Green Water per 225 litres of pond water. Repeat after 1 week if necessary.

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Tetra Pond AlgoFin

From £9.60 To £25.00

Tetra Pond AlgoFin is an approved aquatic algaecide that treats blanketweed. It is also effective against green water. When used correctly it is completely safe for resident fish and plants. For maximum effectiveness, any UV clarifiers that serve ...

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