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Cloverleaf AC/DC Air Pumps with Battery Backup

From £130.00 To £245.00

The CL Air Pump Series by Cloverleaf offer more peace of mind to the fish keeper than your average air pump. They are controlled by a microcomputer and in the event of a mains power failure they automatically switch to battery power backup. The ba...

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Hozelock Air Pump Spares Kit 2700 & 4500


Hozelock Air Pump Spares Kit Code: 1821. Contents: Diaphragm O-Ring Seals Inlet Air Filter Outlet Air Filter Flapper Valves Rubber Outlet Tube and Clips (x2)

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Hozelock Air Pumps

From £49.99 To £219.99

These Air Pumps from Hozelock will add oxygen to your fish or koi pond, improving the health and activity of your fish. Air stones and tubing are included with this product. Specifications Model Small 320 Small 640 Large 2700 Large 4500  Pump...

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Hozelock Solar Air Pump


This Solar Power Air Pump by Hozelock adds oxygen to your pond without the hassle of electrical set-up and with no running costs.

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