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Cloverleaf CT-Answer (Chloramine-T Hydrate)

From £9.99 To £32.99

CT-Answer by Cloverleaf prevents unnecessary bacteria, fungus and parasite build up. It can be used for the treatment of bacteria and parasite infestations e.g. White Spot, Costia, Chilodonella, Trichodina and Flukes. It is also suitable for steri...

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Cloverleaf Parasite Answer

From £9.99 To £24.99

Parasite Answer by Cloverleaf is a pond remedy for the treatment of Flukes-Anchor Worm and White Spot in goldfish and koi. Dosage: Use 10ml of Cloverleaf Parasite Answer diluted in a bucket of pond water per 1250 litres of pond water. Dose daily f...

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NT Labs Bacterad Anti-Ulcer, Finrot & Flukes Treatment

From £9.49 To £23.99

Bacterad by NT Labs is a single dose treatment for use in ponds where fish display signs of: red wounds, ulcers, missing scales, clamped fins, blotches or fin rot. It is effective against bacteria and flukes (trematodes). This product is harmless ...

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NT Labs Chloramine-T 50g


Chloramine-T by NT Labs reduces the levels of harmful bacteria and parasites in pond water Dosage: Add 10g of Chloramine-T powder per 4546 litres of pond water (powder should first be mixed with a bucket of clean pond water and then dispersed even...

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NT Labs F-M-G Mixture (Anti Parasite & Fungus Treatment for Koi)

From £14.99 To £25.99

F-M-G Mixture by the Koi Care Team at NT Labs is an anti parasite & fungus treatment with a composition of Formaldehyde and Malachite Green. Specific conditions that the formula is targeted to treat include: White Spot, Trichodina, Costia and ...

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NT Labs Flukasol 500ml


NT Labs Flukasol is an easy to use liquid suspension of flubendazole. It should be used when fish show signs of Fluke infestation (ideally following a confirmed diagnosis via microscopy). Any UV's should be switched off for 10 days from the start ...

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NT Labs Koi Care Acriflavin

From £10.99 To £15.99

Acriflavin by NT Labs is an antiseptic and antibacterial treatment for Koi. It should be used when fish show signs of bacterial infection and is useful as a quarantine solution. Acriflavin can be used to treat conditions such as: Fin, Tail & M...

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NT Labs Koi Care Paramedic Kit


This Paramedic Kit has been put together by NT Labs so that you have everything that you need to hand in order to carry out emergency treatment on wounded or ulcerated fish. The Koi Care Paramedic Kit contains: 1 x 10ml Koi Calm to make fish easi...

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NT Labs Propolis 50ml


Propolis is a wound sealant that is useful where fish have wounds, ulcers or Hikui (skin disease of red pigment). Please note that more lively fish may require sedation before this product is applied. Propolis can also be added to pellet food as a...

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TAP Medi Pad


TAP's unique Medi Pad is the easy and effective answer to most common pond infections. It works in 4 different ways: Bacterial control  Parasite control   Fungal Control   Prevention   The Medi Pad should be placed in a position where water flow...

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