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NT Labs Flukasol 500ml


NT Labs Flukasol is an easy to use liquid suspension of flubendazole. It should be used when fish show signs of Fluke infestation (ideally following a confirmed diagnosis via microscopy). Any UV's should be switched off for 10 days from the start ...

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NT Labs Koi Care Acriflavin

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Acriflavin by NT Labs is an antiseptic and antibacterial treatment for Koi. It should be used when fish show signs of bacterial infection and is useful as a quarantine solution. Acriflavin can be used to treat conditions such as: Fin, Tail & M...

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NT Labs Koi Care Paramedic Kit


This Paramedic Kit has been put together by NT Labs so that you have everything that you need to hand in order to carry out emergency treatment on wounded or ulcerated fish. The Koi Care Paramedic Kit contains: 1 x 10ml Koi Calm to make fish easi...

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TAP Medi Pad


TAP's unique Medi Pad is the easy and effective answer to most common pond infections. It works in 4 different ways: Bacterial control  Parasite control   Fungal Control   Prevention   The Medi Pad should be placed in a position where water flow...

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TAP Pond Professional Acriflavine

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Acriflavine from Pond Professional at TAP is an advanced bacterial treatment that is highly effective against Flagellates, Fungi, Flukes, Protozoa, Bacteria and some viruses. Dosage: Add 10ml of Pond Professional Acriflavine per 100 gallons of pon...

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TAP Pond Professional Formalachite

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Pond Professional Formalachite by TAP is a hight strength pre-mixed solution to combat difficult and stubborn infections. This product is effective against many ecto-parasites including: White spot Flukes Costia Trichodina Fungus   Symptoms tha...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Anti Bacteria

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Pond Doctor Anti Bacteria is a powerful pond disinfectant designed to reduce the harmful levels of bacteria in ponds. It can be used successfully in cases of: Ulcers Frayed fins Body rot Fin rot Mouth infections Traumas Red vent Damage Sores  It...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Anti Fungus

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Fish Fungus presents in a variety of ways but is most commonly seen as a greyish/greenish white cotton wool like growths on the body or fins. Growths may be isolated or in patches. Pond Doctor Anti Fungus by TAP is a very specific treatment for Mo...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Anti Parasite

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Pond fish can become ill and die due to parasites. The presence of parasites is usually highlighted by a change in fish behaviour. Gasping at the surface, flicking against rocks and erratic swimming movements are all signs of parasite infection Po...

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Tetra Pond MediFin

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MediFin by Tetra is a fish and plant safe treatment that is effective against parasites, bacteria and fungus. It treats most common fish diseases and can be used to prevent disease following injury or stress. Dosage: 10ml Tetra Pond MediFin per 23...

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