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Tetra AlguMin

From £4.35 To £9.99

Tetra AlguMin can be used to combat and prevent all types of algae in fresh water aquariums. Dosage: To control add 5ml of Tetra AlguMin per 10 litres of aquarium water. For prevention add 5ml per 20 litres. The manufacturers recommend that this p...

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Tetra AquaSafe

From £2.99 To £17.99

Tetra AquaSafe instantly turns tap water into safe aquarium water.  It neutralises harmful substances, eliminates Chlorine and Chloramine and binds heavy metals by a complexing agent. It also adds essential elements like Iodine and Magnesium which...

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Tetra Crystal Water

From £6.59 To £12.49

Tetra Crystal Water is a fast working and reliable solution to hazy fresh water aquarium water. This treatment cleans dirt particles from the water and binds small particles to larger ones so that they may be removed more effectively by filter med...

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Tetra Easy Balance

From £5.29 To £15.95

Tetra Easy Balance is a long term biologically enhanced water solution. It helps to maintain all important water parameters in your freshwater aquarium. Regular use of Easy Balance reduces the frequency of necessary water changes and helps to keep...

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Tetra Filter Active

From £6.49 To £10.99

Tetra Filter Active contains beneficial bacteria that are essential for effective biological filtration. Good biological filtration accelerates the degradation of ammonia, nitrite and other pollutants. This product is suitable for use in fresh wat...

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Tetra Medica Contralck


This treatment from the Tetra Medica range is a fast acting remedy for White Spot and skin and gill parasites such as Trichodina and Chilodonella. It is suitable for use with all species of freshwater tropical fish. Symptoms that fish with these ...

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Tetra Nitrate Minus

From £4.99 To £8.99

Nitrate in your aquarium water promotes algae growth as it is a key source of nutrition. Tetra NitrateMinus biologically reduces nitrate without harming fish or plants. The nitrate removing activity of the microorganisms contained in this formula ...

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Tetra Safe Start

From £5.00 To £20.00

Tetra Safe Start contains beneficial microorganisms which facilitate the speedy establishment of a safe biological environment enabling the fast introduction of fish into a newly established fresh water aquarium. Please note that a water condition...

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