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Evolution Aqua DeChlorinators

From £84.95 To £124.99

These DeChlorinators from Evolution Aqua are a simple and mess free alternative to filter cartridges and water treatments. Simply connect to your hose with the connectors provided.  Hi-grade activated carbon removes chlorine, chloramine, bromine, ...

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Evolution Aqua Pure Pond

From £11.99 To £29.99

For crystal clear water and a healthy pond, add Pure Pond to your filter once a month to help remove ammonia and nitrite. Use Pure Pond when starting up a new filter and whenever an improvement in pond water clarity is required. Pure Pond contains...

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Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb


The award winning Pure Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of Pure Pond. Ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration. The unique combination of friendl...

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Evolution Aqua Pure+ Filter Starter Gel

From £19.99 To £39.99

Pure+ Filter Starter Gel by Evolution Aqua contains live, concentrated bacteria culture that promote the rapid colonisation of nitrifying bacteria in a new filter, accelerating the maturation of filter media. In an established pond this will minim...

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NT Labs Buffer (KH) Up


This product from NT Labs Buffers pH and maintains healthy water conditions for pond fish. Dosage: Add 50ml of Buffer (KH) Up per 340 litres of pond water (dissolve the powder in a bucket of clean pond water before adding it to the pond.

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NT Labs Foamclear Anti-Foam Treatment

From £9.99 To £25.99

Excess protein in your pond causes unsightly foam on the waters surface Foamclear by NT Labs breaks down the froth, allowing carbon dioxide to escape from the water and helping to maintain the correct pH. Foamclear is non toxic, harmless to plants...

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NT Labs Mediclay 1.5kg


Mediclay by NT Labs consists of Pure High Calcium Montmorillonite Clay. It is a pond additive and when used regularly it improves: water clarity, health, appetite and colour. Dosage: For improving general conditions - 50g per 9000 litres per day. ...

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TAP Pond Professional Dechlorinator

From £12.99 To £49.99

Tap water contains Chlorine, Chloramines and metal ions that are all harmful to fish. The Pond Doctor Dechlorinator instantly converts tap water into safe pond water. It has added colloids and Vitamin B1 that help fish build stamina, vitality and...

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TAP Pond Wizard


Pond Wizard by TAP consists of a collection of natural bacteria and unique enzymes packed into a soluble pyramid bag. Simply add to your pond in the evening and wake up to a pond full of clean water! Dosage: Add 1 pyramid bag for up to 2250 litres...

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TAP The Pond Doctor Barley Straw Extract

From £9.99 To £39.99

Pond Doctor Barley Straw Extract is a natural alternative to chemical treatments and is perfectly safe for fish, plants and wildlife. It is very effective against Green water and Blanketweed. Dosage: Add 10ml of Pond Doctor Barley Straw Extract fo...

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