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Oase Biotec Connecting T-Piece Black 70mm


Oase Biotec Connecting T-Piece for use with Oase Filters. Black, 70mm diameter.

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Oase Black Elbows

From £10.99 To £15.99

Push fit DN75 Black Elbow connectors by Oase for use with Oase filters.

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Oase Connection Elbow Black 50mm Diameter 45º Bend


Oase Black Connection Elbow for use with Oase Filters. 50mm Diameter, 45º bend.

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Oase Discharge Pipes

From £15.99 To £25.99

Oase Discharge Pipes to fit Oase Filters. Easy push-fit application.

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Oase Y-DB 1 1/2" Y-distributor


1 1/2 inch Y shaped water distributor with one inlet and two, individually adjustable outlets. Not suitable for dry installation. Specifications No Inlets 1 Size of inlet connection 25/32/38mm No Outlets 2 Size of outlet connection 25/32/...

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Solvent Weld Swept T Connectors

From £4.99 To £5.99

Solvent Weld Swept T Connectors.  Suitable for a variety of applications, including in outdoor filtration systems for ponds.

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T Hose Connectors

From £1.99 To £5.99

T-shaped, three-way push fit hose connectors for joining different elements in pond/aquarium applications. Uses include splitting the water flow between pumps/filters/fountains. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Tank Connectors

From £7.39 To £18.50

These Tank Connectors are used to create waterproof seals between tanks. They can be used to join stop tanks, filters and aquarium sumps. This part has two nuts and washers and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in pond or aquarium set-ups.

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From £4.19 To £13.99

It is sometimes necessary within an aquarium/pond set up to restrict the water flow between one component and another. Alternatively, for ease of maintenance and repair it can be useful to be able to stop the flow of water altogether. These Taps w...

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Threaded Elbow Connectors

From £4.99 To £12.99

Threaded Elbow Connectors can be used to connect pond/aquarium components and hoses without the interruption of water flow associated with kinks caused by trying to navigate hose around corners or bends. This part is female threaded at one end an...

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