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Hose Connectors

From £1.49 To £3.99

Straight, push fit connectors for joining same sized hoses within pond/aquarium applications.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Hose Reducers

From £1.59 To £6.99

Straight, push-fit reducing hose connectors for joining different sized hoses within pond/aquarium applications.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Hozelock Flow Control Valve


This Flow Control Valve by Hozelock can take a maximum flow of 15000 L/H, a maximum head of 5.7m and has stepped inlet/outlet size compatible with 25mm/32mm/40mm hose diameter. It is ideal for use with filtration systems and waterfall pumps.

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Jubilee Clips - Double Wire

From £1.19 To £1.99

Jubilee Clips - Double Wire. Please note that although these clips will always be double wire, the nature of the tightening mechanism may vary e.g. screw/plastic coated thumb screw etc.

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Kockney Koi Yamitsu PVC Ball Valve Solvent Weld

From £14.99 To £18.99

Ball Valves are useful for controlling flow and have many applications, including in pond filtration systems. Being able to stop the flow to a filter completely is also useful for maintenance purposes. Small - Inner diameter: 43mm, Outer diameter...

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Light Duty Hose (per metre)

From £1.50 To £7.99

Light Duty Hose suitable for use with outdoor filters and pumps. Very flexible.  Please note that if you intend to bury the pipe we suggest that you use the Heavy Duty Hose. Please note that the price quoted is for 1 metre of hose. If you require ...

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Multistage Hosetails

From £2.99 To £6.19

People may find multistage hosetails useful when they need to change components of their water flow system after the initial pond set-up. A new pump or filter may come with different sized inlets/outlets. In order to avoid changing everything one...

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Nipple Connectors (Male to Male)

From £0.99 To £4.19

These Nipple Connectors are double male threaded and can be used to connect two female components within an aquarium/pond pipe work set-up. This part is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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