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NT Labs MediKoi Shrimp Balls x 6


These floating balls of nutritious natural Gammarus Shrimps by MediKoi at NT Labs are packed with 47% protein and make fun growth treats for pond Koi.

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NT Labs MediKoi Silkworm Pupae Food

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NT Labs MediKoi Silkworm Pupae are an ideal supplement for Koi during warmer months. Koi love the taste and the Pupae are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Fish gain improved skin lustre and the high protein levels in ...

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Tetra Pond Shrimp Mix 105g


Tetra Pond Shrimp Mix is a food supplement for all pond fish. It contains 100% shrimps and gammarus and is high in protein, minerals and dietary fibres. The high carotene content enhances the colours of your fish in a natural and tasty way.

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