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Evolution Aqua K1 Filter Media for Ponds


Evolution Aqua K1 Media is the number one filter media in Koi and aquatics. It provides both mechanical and biological filtration and is engineered to provide maximum surface area for bacteria to colonise (500m2 per m3 protected surface area), dr...

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Hozelock Kaldnes Filter Media


Kaldnes Filter Media by Hozelock uses patented 'Kaldnes Moving Bed Technology™' to maximise the biological filtration process. The individual pieces of K3 biomedia constantly move around and knock into each other ensuring that the ammonia and oxyg...

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Kockney Koi Blue Japanese Matting 11" x 17" Set of 3


Japanese matting is a sophisticated, high grade biological filter material. It is long lasting and does not break down over time, so needs to be replaced very infrequently. It can be cut to size and used instead of or in conjunction with standard ...

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Lotus Oasis Flocor Biological Filter Media

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Oasis Flocor Biological Filter Media can be installed in most pond filters. It's large surface area is beneficial for the colonisation of nitrifying bacteria, allowing biological filtration to be maximised. The nature of it's composition means tha...

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NT Labs Koi Care Zeolite 5kg


Zeolite is an ideal filter medium for a large filters. It facilitates rapid removal of  Ammonia and also reduces the levels of toxic Nitrate and Nitrite in your pond. Zeolite can be re-charged by soaking in a solution of 4 tablespoons of salt to 1...

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Oase Filto Clear 6000 Replacement Filter Foam Set


Replacement Foam Set for the Oase FiltoClear 6000 filter. 3 x red foam & 3 x blue foam.

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Oase BioSmart 18/20/24/30/36000 & BioTec 5.1/10.1 Replacement Filter Foam


Replacement Filter Foam Media for the Oase BioSmart 18/20/24/30/36000 and BioTec 5.1/10.1 flow through filters.

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Oase BioSmart 5000-16000 Replacement Filter Foams


These Coarse and Fine Filter Foams by Oase (sold separately) are replacement media for the Oase BioSmart 5000-16000 Filters. Please note that both types of foam are sold in single units.

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Oase BioTec 18/36 Replacement Filter Foam


Replacement Filter Foam for the Oase BioTec 18/36 Filters. Orange foam ref - 56736. Blue foam ref - 56737

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