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Ciano CF80 Replacement Filter Media (Medium)

From £2.99 To £5.69

These replacement filter media by Ciano are compatible with the following Ciano Filters: CF80, Magi 380, CFBIO 150, CFBIO250, SuperClean 60 and SuperClean 90. Water Clear cartridges provide chemical filtration. They remove colours and odours from ...

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Ciano CF40 Replacement Filter Media (Small)

From £2.85 To £5.50

These replacement filter media by Ciano are compatible with the following Ciano Filters: CF40, Magi 200 and SuperClean 40. Filter Foam offers mechanical filtration by removing debris from the aquarium water as it moves through the filter. It has ...

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Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer

From £9.99 To £24.99

Chlorine Answer by Cloverleaf is a pond treatment that makes tap water safe for fish. It should be used when first filling a pond or when carrying out water changes and top ups. Dosage: Use 10ml of Cloverleaf Chlorine Answer per 182 litres of pond...

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Cloverleaf Parasite Answer

From £9.99 To £24.99

Parasite Answer by Cloverleaf is a pond remedy for the treatment of Flukes-Anchor Worm and White Spot in goldfish and koi. Dosage: Use 10ml of Cloverleaf Parasite Answer diluted in a bucket of pond water per 1250 litres of pond water. Dose daily f...

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Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Bomb (1 Ball)


PURE Aquarium Bomb is the latest addition to Evolution Aqua’s award winning PURE bacterial product range. The PURE Aquarium Bomb is a single treatment dose of live nitrifying bacteria designed specifically at cycling new aquariums and making them ...

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Fish Science Tropical Fish Micro Granules


These Tropical Fish Micro Granules by Fish Science recreate the natural, insect based diet that small species consume in the wild. The slow sinking nature of the micro granules make it a suitable food for tetras, guppies and other small tropical f...

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Tetra TetraMin Baby 30g


TetraMin Baby by Tetra is a Micro Flaked food which offers a biologically balanced and complete diet for tropical fish under 1cm. This Fry food is a very finely sieved mix of highly nutritious ingredients specially formulated to promote healthy gr...

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NT Labs Phosphate Remover


Phosphate Remover from NT Labs helps to reduce algae growth in your aquarium by removing algae fertilising phosphate. To use: Rinse well in tap water, place in filter media bag (included) and add to relevant filter compartment. The manufacturers ...

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Classic Aquatics Mini Ships Wreckage Ornaments


Liven up your aquarium with one of these assorted Mini Ships Wreckage ornaments by Classic Aquatics. Please note that the price quoted is for one ornament. The ornament that you receive will be one of the assortment illustrated and will be chosen...

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Classic Aquatics Sandstone Ring Ornament


This Sandstone Ring Ornament by Classic Aquatics will add interest to your aquarium for both you and your livestock. It has a hollow centre so is suitable for biOrbs as well as conventional aquariums. Approx height: 140mm.  

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