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Tetra TetraMin Baby 30g


TetraMin Baby by Tetra is a Micro Flaked food which offers a biologically balanced and complete diet for tropical fish under 1cm. This Fry food is a very finely sieved mix of highly nutritious ingredients specially formulated to promote healthy gr...

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Tetra Pleco Veggie Wafers


These Pleco Veggie Wafers by Tetra offer a complete diet for bottom-feeding herbivorous fish. The Wafers contain courgette which is rich in minerals and their solid consistency means that they do not cloud the water.

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Tetra Easy Crystal Filter Pack with Carbon C250/300


Tetra Easy Crystal Filter Pack with Active Carbon C250/300. Replacement Filter Media for the Tetra Easy Crystal 250/300 Internal Filter. Pack of 3.

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Tetra Cory Shrimp Wafers


Tetra Cory Shrimp Wafers have been developed specifically to provide optimum nutrition for Corydoras.  The Shrimps in this formula are rich in essential fatty acids which help to promote healthy growth. This food has a Crude Protein content of 48%...

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Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser


Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser quickly and effectively stabilises important water values in garden ponds. It is necessary to do this in order to maintain healthy water for livestock. Throughout the year, the water levels in your pond vary due to evap...

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Tetra Pond Sediment Minus

From £9.60 To £16.00

Tetra Pond Sediment Minus reduces the build up of sludge in garden ponds, helping to reduce maintenance. The bacteria and enzymes that this product contains support the biological balance of the pond and help to break down the components of the s...

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Tetra Pond Natural Sticks

From £4.80 To £13.40

Tetra Pond Natural Sticks are a complete vegetable food for all pond fish. They provide biologically balanced, healthy nutrition and are rich in highly digestible carbohydrates. These floating sticks also soften quickly for easier consumption.

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Tetra Pond Natural Mix

From £5.90 To £18.70

Tetra Natural Mix is a complete food for all pond fish, rich in both protein and fibre. It provides varied and healthy nutrition via a combination of vegetable feeding sticks and natural River Shrimps. The River Shrimps naturally enhance colourati...

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Tetra Cichlid Algae


Complete food for health, growth and vitality for all Cichlids. Nutritionally balanced, premium multi pellet formula containing Spirulina algae for bright colouration. Specifically suitable for omnivore and herbivore Cichlids.

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Tetra AlguMin

From £4.99 To £9.99

Tetra AlguMin can be used to combat and prevent all types of algae in fresh water aquariums. Dosage: To control add 5ml of Tetra AlguMin per 10 litres of aquarium water. For prevention add 5ml per 20 litres. The manufacturers recommend that this p...

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