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Tetra Initial Sticks


Initial Sticks by Tetra transform gravel into fertile ground by providing a long-lasting nutrient base for aquarium plants.  They are ideal for setting up a freshwater aquarium and encourage rapid plant growth for at least 1 year. Size: 250ml. Dos...

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Tetra Plant Crypto

From £6.29 To £17.29

Root fertiliser tablets for all freshwater aquariums by TetraPlant. These tablets contain iron and other essential trace elements and offer long term fertilisation through the roots. Healthy plant growth improves the biological balance of your aqu...

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Tetra PlantaMin

From £5.29 To £11.69

PlantaMin by Tetra  is a monthly universal fertiliser suitable for use in freshwater set-ups. It contains iron, potassium, manganese and other essential trace elements that remain available for a 4 week period, providing a lush and healthy plant g...

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