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Aqua One 10809 Accessory Box 1050/1250 Advance Canister Filter


Aqua One 10809 Accessory Box for the maintenance and repair of the Aqua One 1050/1250 Advance Canister Filter.

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Aqua One 157C Carbon & Ceramic Cartridges x 3 for AquaVue 480


These Tetra Carbon and Ceramic Cartridges with wool will clean impurities from your water and provide beneficial bacteria with a medium for growth. They are suitable for use with the Aqua One AquaVue 480 aquarium. The manufacturer recommend that ...

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Aqua One Part 10763N Hose Tap In/Out (16/16mm) for 1000/1200 Aquis


Genuine Aqua One replacement Hose Taps for the 1000/1200 Aquis Canister Filters.

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Aquarium External Filter Hose (per metre)

From £3.99 To £5.99

Transparent Aquarium External Filter Hose. Please note that the price quoted is for 1 metre of hose. If you require more than this, please select the relevant quantity and we will dispatch it in one continuous length.

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Ista Quick Release Double Tap Connectors


Suitable for use with aquarium external filters. This product allows you to connect and disconnect hoses without moving your filter. The water flow can also be disconnected with ease to allow for filter maintenance.

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Ista Single Tap Connectors


These Single Tap Connectors by Ista are suitable for use with external aquarium filters.

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Juwel Outlet Set for Juwel Filter Systems


This Outlet set for Juwel filters is used for optimal alignment of the flow.

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Juwel OxyPlus O2 Diffusor


This product is an oxygen diffusor with adjustable oxygen volume for Juwel filter systems.

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