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Air Line (per metre)

From £1.00 To £1.50

6mm Transparent or Black air line suitable for use with air pumps and air stones. Please note that the price quoted is for 1 metre of airline. If you require more than this, please select the relevant quantity and we will dispatch it in one conti...

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Algarde 2 Way Gang Valve for 6mm Airline


This 2 Way Gang Valve by Algarde allows you to individually adjust the air flow through 2 separate 6mm airlines. This product comes with an adhesive pad.

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Algarde Aquarium Scraper and Planter


This Scraper and Planter by Algarde is suitable for cleaning all types of aquariums as well as for planting both artificial and real plants.

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Algarde Condensation Trays

From £4.19 To £7.19

Protect your lighting and tank hood from damaging condensation with one of these condensation trays by Algarde.

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Algarde Heater Thermostat Holder


This Heater Thermostat Holder can be used with all makes of heater to keep the heater fixed to the side of the aquarium. it consists of 2 plastic suction cups and 2 adjustable plastic brackets.

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Algarde In-Line Valve for 6mm Airline


This In-Line Valve by Algarde allows you to adjust the flow of air along a 6mm airline. This Valve comes with an adhesive pad.

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Aqua One 102C Ceramic Cartridge Replacement Filter Media


Replacment Cermaic Cartridge filter media by Aqua One, compatible with all Xpression, Aqua Nano and Cube 15 aquariums. Ceramic cartridges perform an important function within a biological filtration system. They provide a surface upon which import...

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Aqua One 104C Polymer Wool and Carbon Cartridges Replacement Filter Media


Replacement Polymer Wool and Carbon Cartridges for the Aqua One Eco Style 32 and 37 Aquariums. The Carbon granules in these  cartridges are very effective at removing discolouring toxins, chemicals and residual medication from your aquarium water...

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