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Hozelock Air Pump Spares Kit 2700 & 4500


Hozelock Air Pump Spares Kit Code: 1821. Contents: Diaphragm O-Ring Seals Inlet Air Filter Outlet Air Filter Flapper Valves Rubber Outlet Tube and Clips (x2)

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Hozelock Air Pumps

From £49.99 To £219.99

These Air Pumps from Hozelock will add oxygen to your fish or koi pond, improving the health and activity of your fish. Air stones and tubing are included with this product. Specifications Model Small 320 Small 640 Large 2700 Large 4500  Pump...

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Hozelock Air Stones

From £3.99 To £7.99

Improve the health and vitality of your aquarium occupants by introducing extra oxygen into the water via one of these air stones by Hozelock. Please note that you will also need an air pump and air line in order to use this product.

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Hozelock Cascade Fountain or Water Feature Pumps

From £44.99 To £109.99

These pumps by Hozelock offer an effective and easy maintenance solution for your fountain or water feature without the headache of a complicated installation. Pump features: Telescopic extension pipe with 3 fountainheads High efficiency motor de...

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Hozelock EasyClear Complete Pond Solutions

From £129.99 To £209.99

The Easy Clear range from Hozelock consist of one unit that contains a pump, filter and UVC (Ultra Violet Clarifier), offering you a complete solution for your pond. Features: UV Clarifier eliminates green water Foam filters sieve out solid parti...

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Hozelock Flow Control Valve


This Flow Control Valve by Hozelock can take a maximum flow of 15000 L/H, a maximum head of 5.7m and has stepped inlet/outlet size compatible with 25mm/32mm/40mm hose diameter. It is ideal for use with filtration systems and waterfall pumps.

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Hozelock Kaldnes Filter Media


Kaldnes Filter Media by Hozelock uses patented 'Kaldnes Moving Bed Technology™' to maximise the biological filtration process. The individual pieces of K3 biomedia constantly move around and knock into each other ensuring that the ammonia and oxyg...

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Hozelock Pond Cover Nets

From £16.99 To £59.99

Use a Hozelock Pond Cover Net to help prevent leaves and other garden debris from contaminating your pond water and to protect livestock from herons, cats and other predators.

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Hozelock Pond Glove


Waterproof glove with extended arm length and elasticated sleeve by Hozelock. Keep your hands and clothes clean and dry while maintaining your garden pond.

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Hozelock Solar Air Pump


This Solar Power Air Pump by Hozelock adds oxygen to your pond without the hassle of electrical set-up and with no running costs.

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