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Fish Science Tropical Fish Flake Food

From £3.19 To £19.99

This flaked nutritionally complete food by Fish Science is suitable for all tropical aquarium fish. The blend of ingredients recreates the natural, insect based diet that most species consume in the wild. The colours of your fish will be naturall...

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Fish Science Tropical Fish Granular Food

From £4.45 To £15.45

This granular nutritionally complete food is suitable for all tropical aquarium fish. The granules are slow sinking for all mid water and bottom feeding such as Discus, Angel Fish, Cichlids, Barbs, Catfish and Loach. The ingredients include colour...

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Hikari Micro Pellets

From £4.79 To £7.79

These semi-floating micro coated granule pellets from Hikari offer an optimal blend of carefully selected proteins combined with a flavour and texture that fish love. They provide a nutrient rich, balanced diet that is ideal for most smaller tropi...

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Hikari Micro Wafers

From £3.09 To £5.49

These slow-sinking, nutrient rich Micro Wafers from Hikari are an ideal food for most tropical fish, especially Tetras, Barbs, Cichlids and Catfishes. The wafers are full of high grade marine and vegetable proteins to promote acceptance and colour...

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NT Labs Pro-f Micro Crumb


Micro Crumb by Pro-f at NT Labs is a finely granulated food which is high in protein and suspends in water making it an ideal food for fry and micro species with small mouths. Particles are approximately 200µm.

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NT Labs Pro-f Nano Tropical Pellets


This Nano Tropical food from NT Labs is perfect for tiny fish. The floating and sinking pellets are just 0.8mm and have been formulated to be easily digestible and highly palatable. The ingredients include a stabilised multi-vitamin mix, colour-en...

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NT Labs Pro-f Predator Floating Pellets

From £9.99 To £16.99

Pro-f at NT Labs have developed this floating predator pellet food to meet the nutritional needs of larger predatory cichlids such as: Oscars, Severums, Arowanas and other surface feeding carnivorous tropical fish. The formula contains over 40% pr...

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NT Labs Pro-f Predator Sinking Pellets

From £9.99 To £16.99

These Predator Sinking Pellets by Pro-f at NT Labs contain a high energy formula fortified with vitamins, minerals and colour enhancing ingredients. They are suitable for predatory and scavenger species such as: Redtail Catfish, Tiger Shovelnose, ...

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NT Labs Pro-f Probiotic Tropical Granules

From £4.99 To £54.99

This floating and sinking Probiotic Tropical granular food by NT Labs is suitable for most freshwater and tropical species. It contains probiotic bacteria to aid digestion, spirulina to boost colour, Stimune to promote health and krill and squid m...

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Prodac Tubifex Food for Carnivorous Freshwater Fish

From £3.99 To £6.99

This aquarium food by Prodac consists of 100% lyophilised (dried) Tubifex which are small aquatic worms. Tubifex are high in protein and a natural food for carnivorous freshwater fish.

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