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Aqua One External Thermometer


Suitable for cold water, tropical and marine tanks, this external thermometer by Aqua One is self adhesive and offers readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. For accurate results please place the thermometer at the opposite end of the aquarium to...

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Aqua One Glass Thermometer


This submersible Glass Thermometer by Aqua One offers easy and accurate readings from either a fixed (via suction cup) or floating position. A green bar on the thermometer indicates the preferred temperature range. This thermometer should be insta...

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Juwel Digital Thermometer


This submersible Digital Thermometer by Juwel is suitable for use in salt and fresh water aquariums. It attaches to the side of the tank with a suction cap and it's large digital display makes it easy to read. Battery included.

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Oase Digital Thermometer


This thermometer by Oase sticks on to the outside of aquariums and provides easy to read and accurate digital temperature measurements. Battery included.

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