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Prodac AquaSana Water Conditioner

From £2.99 To £14.99

This water conditioner by Prodac is suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums. Conditioner is necessary to neutralise the chlorine in tap water and to reduce the heavy metal polluting effects of chemicals. This product is enhanced with Aloe Vera...

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Prodac Artemia

From £4.99 To £9.99

Prodac Artemia Aquarium Food consists of 100% freeze-dried Brine Shrimps which are a high protein, natural food for saltwater fish and aquatic turtles.

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Prodac Artemia Eggs


Prodac recommend that in order to hatch these Artemia Eggs (otherwise known as Brine Shrimp), you use a hatcher and a salt water solution . The nauplii (larvae) can be used as a source of nutrition for fish and invertebrates.

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Prodac Bloodworms

From £4.99 To £7.99

This Bloodworm food by Prodac consists of 100% freeze-dried Mosquito worms and is a natural food for freshwater fish. The Mosquito worms are high in protein and amino acids, making them an excellent food for all aquarium fish, particularly those w...

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Prodac Holiday Food 20g (Pack of 1)


This Holiday Food block by Prodac is a compound, slow dissolving aquarium food that is suitable during an extended absence. One block is sufficient for a 100 litre aquarium containing up to 15 medium sized fish for around 12 days.

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Prodac Spirulina Flakes

From £6.99 To £16.21

This compound, flaked food by Prodac with a high Spirulina content (38%) is suitable for herbivorous tropical fish. The ingredients of this product include: Omega 3-6 and Vitamins A, C, D3 and E. This product is packaged in biodegradable plastic.

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Prodac Tubifex Food for Carnivorous Freshwater Fish

From £3.99 To £6.99

This aquarium food by Prodac consists of 100% lyophilised (dried) Tubifex which are small aquatic worms. Tubifex are high in protein and a natural food for carnivorous freshwater fish.

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Prodac Weekend Food (Pack of 5) 21g


These Weekend Food blocks by Prodac are a compound, slow dissolving aquarium food to use during a short absence. One tablet is sufficient in a 100 litre aquarium containing up to 8 medium sized fish and lasts for 4-5 days. For aquariums with more ...

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