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Transparent Plastic Hose

From £1.50 To £1.99

Transparent Plastic Hose suitable for a wide range of garden and pond applications.  Please note that this product is sold and priced per metre. Whilst always transparent, the colour of this hose may vary (typically it is colourless or green).

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Waterlife PondFlora Tablet Plant Food


PondFlora Tablet Plant Food by Waterlife encourages vigorous plant growth in garden ponds without upsetting livestock or biological filtration. PondFlora Tablets are placed in the soil at the root of the plant where they slowly release nutrients t...

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Y Hose Connectors

From £4.39 To £12.99

Y-shaped, three-way push fit hose connectors for joining different elements in pond/aquarium applications. Uses include splitting the water flow between pumps/filters/fountains. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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