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Penn-Plax Aqua-Nursery Automatic Circulating Hatchery


Keep Mother and babies alive with this Automatic Circulating Hatchery by Penn-Plax. This product just needs to be attached to an air pump. The current created by the air pump draws the babies through the tube and deposits them into the Nursery sec...

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Penn-Plax Bubble Walls

From £3.19 To £5.99

Create a dramatic mist of oxygenating bubbles with one of these Bubble Walls by Penn-Plax. There is a connector packaged with this product in case you would like to use more than one Bubble Wall. Please note that you will also need an air pump and...

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Penn-Plax Deluxe Bubble-Disks

From £3.99 To £5.99

These Bubble-Disks by Penn-Plax will circulate aquarium water, generating oxygen whilst providing environmental enrichment. Please note that you will also need an air pump and air tube in order to use this product.

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