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Ista Waterplant System Snail Trap


This Ista Waterplant System Snail Trap has been designed so that only snails can crawl inside the centre. This is a natural way of catching snails and avoids having to use treatments that may have adverse effects on your fish and plants. As this p...

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Oase biOrb Water Level Guide & Feed Hole Plug


This Water Level Guide & Feed Hole Plug is suitable for use with the biOrb Flow, Classic and Life aquarium ranges. As an additional feature it has a small spoon at the bottom end which can be used for measuring fish food.

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TMC CO2 Pressure Regulator CGA 320 Connection


This product is a high precision CO2 pressure regulator designed specifically for aquarium use. Accurate adjustment allows for the precise dosing of CO2 and the easy to read pressure gauge shows both bar and psi.

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TMC V2 Pressure Regulator Pro (CO2) CGA 320 Connection


High precision CO2 pressure regulator with an integrated solenoid valve designed specifically for advanced aquarium use. Two, easy to read pressure gauges show both working pressure and CO2 cylinder pressure  in bar and psi. This product includes ...

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