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JAD Activated Carbon

From £2.99 To £6.99

Activated Carbon effectively eliminates odour and detoxifies harmful metals whilst purifying and softening aquarium water. To use: Simply rinse the net bag of activated carbon with water and add to a media compartment of your filter. The Carbon wi...

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JAD Air Powered Sponge Filters (Different Shapes)


These Air Powered Sponge Filters by JAD offer an economical solution to filtration in multi tank, breeding and quarantine set-ups. The different shapes are useful as the square and 1/4 circle ones can be placed in the corner of the tank to minimis...

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JAD Air Pumps SES Series

From £29.99 To £99.99

The SES series Air Pumps by JAD offer high air flow and air pressure. The motors sit inside aluminium casings and they are quiet when operational. Specifications Model Voltage Frequency Power Pressure Output Size SES-10 230/115V 50/60Hz 10W 0...

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JAD Ceramic Ring Filter Media

From £2.99 To £6.99

Porous ceramic ring biological filter media to promote efficient colonisation of beneficial bacteria

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JAD Fish Hatchery FH-101


This Floating Fish Hatchery by JAD is ideal to use when breeding and raising fish in community aquariums. This product can also be used to separate wounded or aggressive fish from other livestock.

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JAD Net Breeder for Aquarium


This Net Breeder isolates new-born fry from their mother and other fish. It can also be used to isolate injured or aggressive fish. It attaches to the side of the aquarium with 4 plastic suckers (included). Dimensions (before suction cups are atta...

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JAD Super Biochemical Sponge Filters

From £2.49 To £5.99

JAD's Super Biochemical Sponge Filters are particularly useful as a breeding filter or as a secondary filter. They can be used with most air and filter pumps in a variety of installations. The foam material has been specially developed to support...

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JAD Undergravel Filters

From £9.99 To £14.99

Interlocking Underground Filter plates and uplifts. Please note: You will need an air pump or a powerhead in order to use this product.

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