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Fish Science Tropical Fish Micro Granules


These Tropical Fish Micro Granules by Fish Science recreate the natural, insect based diet that small species consume in the wild. The slow sinking nature of the micro granules make it a suitable food for tetras, guppies and other small tropical f...

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Hikari Tropical First Bites (Fry Food)


Tropical First Bites by Hikari is a semi-buoyant granular food that offers nutritional balance and promotes rapid growth in newborn fish.

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NT Labs Pro-f Micro Crumb


Micro Crumb by Pro-f at NT Labs is a finely granulated food which is high in protein and suspends in water making it an ideal food for fry and micro species with small mouths. Particles are approximately 200µm.

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NT Labs Pro-f Nano Tropical Pellets


This Nano Tropical food from NT Labs is perfect for tiny fish. The floating and sinking pellets are just 0.8mm and have been formulated to be easily digestible and highly palatable. The ingredients include a stabilised multi-vitamin mix, colour-en...

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Tetra TetraMin Baby 30g


TetraMin Baby by Tetra is a Micro Flaked food which offers a biologically balanced and complete diet for tropical fish under 1cm. This Fry food is a very finely sieved mix of highly nutritious ingredients specially formulated to promote healthy gr...

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