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NT Labs Pro-f Algae Wafers

From £5.99 To £22.99

These sinking 13mm disc shaped Algae Wafers by Pro-f at NT Labs are packed with protein, algae (including Spirulina) and prebiotics. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals and provide a nutritionally complete diet for all herbivorous and om...

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NT Labs Pro-f Catfish Pellet

From £5.99 To £11.99

This high protein, quick sinking Catfish Pellet food from NT Labs is highly digestible and has been formulated to provide the essential amino acids and fatty acids that catfish need. Pellet size: 1.5mm.

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NT Labs Pro-f Predator Sinking Pellets

From £11.99 To £17.99

These Predator Sinking Pellets by Pro-f at NT Labs contain a high energy formula fortified with vitamins, minerals and colour enhancing ingredients. They are suitable for predatory and scavenger species such as: Redtail Catfish, Tiger Shovelnose, ...

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Tetra Pleco Veggie Wafers


These Pleco Veggie Wafers by Tetra offer a complete diet for bottom-feeding herbivorous fish. The Wafers contain courgette which is rich in minerals and their solid consistency means that they do not cloud the water.

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Tetra Prima Mini Granules


Tetra Prima Mini Granules are a nutritionally balanced and complete food  to promote health, colour and growth for small mid-water and bottom-feeding fish.

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Tetra Tablets TabiMin

From £6.99 To £30.49

TabiMin Tablets by Tetra offer complete nutrition for health, colour and vitality for all bottom-feeding fish. These tablets sink quickly and can be placed where needed for timid fish. They release food slowly and contain Shrimp for enhanced palat...

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Tetra Wafer Mix

From £1.90 To £6.79

The Tetra Wafer Mix offers a complete diet for colour, vitality and health for all bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans. As these wafers are solid they do not cause the aquarium water to cloud.  

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