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Classic Aquatics Zen Garden with Plants


Make your aquarium more interesting with this miniature Zen Garden accented with artificial plants by Classic Aquatics. Width 210mm, Height 145mm.

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Ista Ceramic Shelter Homes

From £5.10 To £10.20

Add some interest to your aquarium and create hiding places for smaller livestock with these Ceramic Shelter Homes by Ista. Approx measurements Medium: 7.5cm (W) x 5cm (D) x 4.75cm (H) (Bamboo opening diameter 1.75cm). Approx measurements Large: ...

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Juwel Aquarium Poster Backgrounds

From £4.99 To £9.99

Add depth and lots of interest to your aquascape with one of these double sided, realistic Aquarium Poster Backgrounds by Juwel. Your Poster Background will arrive in a roll, so creases are avoided and is boxed for further protection. If necessary...

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Juwel PosterFix 30ml


Attach your aquarium background poster to the back of your tank with PosterFix by Juwel. Size: 30ml

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