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Aquael Internal UV Filters

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These Internal Filters by Aquael  have been designed to offer a complete filtration solution for crystal clear water in your aquarium. The UV LEDs helps to eliminate algae and parasites, protecting fish from disease. The flow rate and direction ar...

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Aquael Leddy Smart Sunny LED Lamps for Nano Aquariums


These Smart LED Lamps for Nano Aquariums by Aquael offer a modern and durable solution to your aquarium lighting. With a super-flat shape they are easy to install (on glass up to 4mm thick) and generate colour temperatures of 6500K.

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Aquael Leddy Tube LED Sunny


These Sunny LED Lighting Modules by Aquael have a high light output when compared with their fluorescent counterparts and offer a low energy solution with up to 50 thousand hours of operation. They are easy to install and generate temperatures of ...

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Aquael Leddy Tube Retrofit 10W 22-26" (T5 24W/22"/549mm, T8 18W/23"/600mm)


This Leddy LED lighting module by Aquael emits light with a colour temperature of 6500K, similar to natural sunlight. The LED's consume half as much as energy as their conventional fluorescent counterparts and LED's are typically much longer lasti...

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