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Aqua Vital Aquarium Munster Black Peat


Aqua Vital Black Peat is a pure, biological, natural product which contains a large number of organic substances including: humus acid, tannins and vital trace elements. Adding this product to your aquarium lowers the water pH and helps to create ...

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Aqua Vital Aquarium Munster Granu-peat


Aqua Vital Granu-peat is a pure and natural peat granulate, which contains a highly active combination of substances. When added to your aquarium, these substances help to create a natural tropical water like those naturally occurring in South Ame...

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Aqua Vital Chamber Hydrometer


This Chamber Hydrometer by Aqua Vital measures salinity (PPT) and gravity.

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Aqua Vital Coarse Fish Nets

From £2.49 To £4.49

Rust proof, strong and flexible coarse fish nets by Aqua Vital with PVC encased handles.

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Aqua Vital Fine Fish Nets

From £2.99 To £4.49

Rust proof, strong and flexible fine fish nets by Aqua Vital with PVC encased handle. These fine nets are made of super soft nylon, making them an ideal choice when handling delicate fish.

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Aqua Vital Flexible Air Stones

From £7.99 To £8.99

Air stones circulate aquarium water, generate oxygen and provide environmental enrichment. These Flexible Air Stones by Aqua Vital give you more scope to be creative than most other stones. Please note that you will also need an air pump and some ...

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Aqua Vital Grass Matting


Liven up your aquarium or terrarium and make a more interesting habitat for your pets with Aqua Vital's Grass Matting. This artificial grass product comes in a variety of grass types and is presented in 26cm x 26cm turf squares.

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