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Air Line (per metre)

From £1.00 To £1.50

6mm Transparent or Black air line suitable for use with air pumps and air stones. Please note that the price quoted is for 1 metre of airline. If you require more than this, please select the relevant quantity and we will dispatch it in one conti...

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Algarde 2 Way Gang Valve for 6mm Airline


This 2 Way Gang Valve by Algarde allows you to individually adjust the air flow through 2 separate 6mm airlines. This product comes with an adhesive pad.

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Algarde In-Line Valve for 6mm Airline


This In-Line Valve by Algarde allows you to adjust the flow of air along a 6mm airline. This Valve comes with an adhesive pad.

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Aqua Vital Flexible Air Stones

From £7.99 To £8.99

Air stones circulate aquarium water, generate oxygen and provide environmental enrichment. These Flexible Air Stones by Aqua Vital give you more scope to be creative than most other stones. Please note that you will also need an air pump and some ...

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Betta Airline Connectors x 2


Betta Airline Straight Connectors x 2 (plastic).

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Betta Airline Kit


Betta Airline Kit consisting of: 1 x 1" Air Stone 1 x Straight airline connector 1 x Elbow airline connector 2 x Tee airline connectors 1 x Airline clamp

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