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Air Line (per metre)

From £1.00 To £1.50

6mm Transparent or Black air line suitable for use with air pumps and air stones. Please note that the price quoted is for 1 metre of airline. If you require more than this, please select the relevant quantity and we will dispatch it in one conti...

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Betta Airline Connectors x 2


Betta Airline Straight Connectors x 2 (plastic).

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Betta Airline Kit


Betta Airline Kit consisting of: 1 x 1" Air Stone 1 x Straight airline connector 1 x Elbow airline connector 2 x Tee airline connectors 1 x Airline clamp

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Oase biOrb Air Stone


This small Air Stone by Oase fits within the bubble towers of the aquariums in it's biOrb ranges and improves oxygen diffusion within the water.

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Oase biOrb Bubble Tube Guard


This Bubble Tube Guard is suitable for use with Oase biOrbs and simply fits on the top of the bubble tube to prevent small fish from swimming down it.

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Oase biOrb One Way Valve + Airline


This One Way Valve by Oase is supplied with 1m of clear airline and can be used to safely connect aquariums within it's biOrb ranges to external Air Pumps.

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Penn-Plax Bubble Walls

From £3.19 To £5.99

Create a dramatic mist of oxygenating bubbles with one of these Bubble Walls by Penn-Plax. There is a connector packaged with this product in case you would like to use more than one Bubble Wall. Please note that you will also need an air pump and...

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Penn-Plax Deluxe Bubble-Disks

From £3.99 To £5.99

These Bubble-Disks by Penn-Plax will circulate aquarium water, generating oxygen whilst providing environmental enrichment. Please note that you will also need an air pump and air tube in order to use this product.

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