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Tetra Pond PlantaMin

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Pond plant fertiliser for healthy plant growth. PlantaMin provides essential nutrients, trace elements and macronutrients for strong, healthy plant growth. It is easily absorbed through the leaves and so is ideal for both floating and submerged po...

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Tetra Pond Sediment Minus

From £9.60 To £16.00

Tetra Pond Sediment Minus reduces the build up of sludge in garden ponds, helping to reduce maintenance. The bacteria and enzymes that this product contains support the biological balance of the pond and help to break down the components of the s...

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Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser


Tetra Pond Water Stabiliser quickly and effectively stabilises important water values in garden ponds. It is necessary to do this in order to maintain healthy water for livestock. Throughout the year, the water levels in your pond vary due to evap...

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